Once they are,ready for consumption, the oysters are fished out from the sea, and after the initial sorting on the boat, they are placed in oyster wells. The oyster wells are situated directly across Oosterschelde, and by making use of the tides in Oosterschelde, they can be refilled with fresh seawater twice a day. During this period in the oyster wells, the oysters can relax, clean themselves up, and get rid of the last grains of sand. During this last phase, the oysters are inspected multiple times for their meat quality, in order to ensure the consumer the very best quality.

PROCESSING When, after a period of 3 till 6 years, the Dutch oysters are ready for consumption, they are fished out, after which every oyster undergoes the following procedure before being sent to the client:

1. The oysters lay in the wells for a period of 1 week to spit out the sand and to relax.

  1. The oyster are taken out of the water and inspected directly with the hand, and cleaned where necessary.
  2. After a few days of rest, the oysters are separated by weight and then placed back in the oyster wells.
  3. When the oyster have had their rest, and they are of good quality, they are cleaned once again and packed by hand, one by one, in climate-stable Styrofoam packing or luxury wooden packing.